Key Information

2018 Online Casino Affiliate Program

You can find most of the key information you want to know about our programme on this page. should you have any other queries, please contact our friendly and professional team who are ready to assist you at every step along the journey with us.

1: How many account can I register with you?

Please note each affiliate is only allowed to have one account with us. Joining Bolt Affiliate is free, no hidden charges at all.

2: When do I receive my commission amount?

You will be paid on a monthly basis. We start to calculate each affiliate’s commission on the 15th of the month for any previous month’s activity. all payment will be issued by the 20th of each month. We pay commission via a number of methods including Bank transfer, Paypal, Neteller and Skrill. All payments will be due and paid in GBP.

3: Cookie Duration.

30 days. This means that the referred customer can be away from Bolt Affiliate’s brands and return back within 30 days and you will still get the customer tracked to you.

4: Minimum earning before payout?

The minimum amount payable for each calendar month will be £50. If this minimum amount is not reached in a particular month, we will be entitled to withhold payment and carry the amount due to you to the next calendar month and so on, until the minimum amount is reached.

5: No negative carry over or bundling.

We never charge you for a negative commission during a bad month (for example, if one of your player hits the jackpot) with exception of clause 7.4 in Terms and Conditions. We do not bundle affiliate commissions across multiple brands. commission on each brand will be calculated separately.

6: How often are your affiliate statics updated?

Once a day.

7: Referring your friends to Bolt.

We are open to discuss possibility of sub-affiliate, please contact us for more details on this matter. However you can not refer yourself and make money from your own activity, this could lead to your account being suspended and commissions withheld.

8: Minimum deposit amount for a player.

Players sent in by affiliate must deposit £10 or above to be qualified as a depositor when playing for real money at our casinos.

9: No USA players accepted.